Exclusive Deal for Newsletter Subscribers- July!


July sees us kicking off our new monthly NEWSLETTER and we're bringing you  a fantastic NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBERS DEAL EACH MONTH!

This Month sees you getting FREE SMALL POPCORN refills when you print out the above coupon (click on it for a smaller link).  To qualify you will need to have bought a small popcorn prior to entering the session, then bring it back out and present it with the coupon to the CANDYBAR staff and they'll refill it for you for FREE!!! 

Terms & Conditions:

  1. You must First purchase a SMALL POPCORN before heading into theater

  2. Once eaten, bring empty popcorn container out, present it with printed coupon in order to have the container refilled. (You will need to bring your container out as no new container will be issued- it's a REFILL on the existing container)

  3. You  can only get ONE per day per transaction. So if you've purchased multiple small popcorn's you can  only present ONE coupon for refill.  (Exemption on parents with SMALL CHILDREN)

  4. All coupons are to be printed out and presented to candybar.  You CANNOT collect a refill by simply showing the coupon via your phone.  For quality control purposes a PRINTED COUPON needs to be presented in order to redeem.

  5. While you can only REDEEM ONE COUPON A DAY, you can print the coupon out and use MULTIPLE TIMES during JULY.   

  6. All conditions MUST be met in order to receive your FREE SMALL POPCORN!




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